Hi, I am Johnson Ejalu. I developed PIP Stream 2000™ forex trading software used by hundreds of traders worldwide.

These bots use High Frequency scalping trading strategy. Suited for beginner as well as advanced traders. When you sign up you will receive the bot, appropriate settings for many of the major pairs and you will have exclusive access to training materials
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    PS2K Base (HTB)

    The Base version offers single thread Hummer Time Trades, Trade Assist and the QC control indicator
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    PS2K Pro (HTP)

    The Pro version helps traders maximize trading session opportunities by offering faster and more Hummer Times Trades, Trade Assist Multiplier, Reserve Trades and much more...
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    PS2K eXpert (HTX)

    This is the ultimate High Frequency Trading software version offered. It's loaded with many features including abundant Hummer Time trades, Trade Assist control, Daily Trading Range Limits, Partial Profits Auto Grab Options and much more...

PIP Stream will bring you the trading success you have been searching for
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